Sant Sadhu Ram Ji

Sant Sadhu Ram Ji

Sant Sadhu Ram Ji was born in August 1944 and his parents, Mangla Ram and Chena Devi, lovingly named him Ladhu Ram. He grew up in a low-caste family, in a village in the former state of Bikaner, now located in Rajasthan near the Indo-Pakistan border. He did not have much formal education, and after completing up to the 9th grade in school, he started helping his father in farming. From his childhood he was strongly inclined towards spirituality and had a burning desire to realize God and to solve the mystery of life.His relatives wanted him to take an interest in the world and to accept responsibility for the family. His grandfather is reported to have given him 25 acres of his land in Punjab. However, young Ladhu Ram politely refused this gift of land, and, setting out on his own, took up work as a hired laborer on other people’s farms.
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